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I am a lifelong fabric artist who loves bringing a home to life with quirky, unique and sumptuous pieces of textile art. I learnt my craft from sharing many a happy hour sewing with my talented mother. I particularly like collage, free-machining, needle-felting and creating home furnishings using a combination of machine and hand sewing. I love incorporating vintage and reclaimed fabrics, buttons, beads, jewellery and other items in my work to give them a second chance at being beautiful.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Felted seascape & other new designs & WOYWW

Hello folks, welcome to my arty little blog. Today I'm going to share a few of the best bits from my workdesk this week. It's What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday so once you've read my blog, check out more WOYWWers sharing their work today at Julia's Stamping Ground.

I've been working on lots of new designs and ideas to develop my work over the past few weeks. Here's my work desk today.

Keen-eyed WOYWW  readers might spot that this is actually Twiglet's (my mum's) workdesk - I've poached the desk while Benjamin has a nanny day. Im having a 'finishing off bits' kinda day today. By popular demand I've got chains to match my sheep pendants so I'll be spending the day stringing up a few ready to sell.

So back to those new designs and ideas...
These violets are the outcome of my desire to use up each and every scrap of felt. Making sheep brooches and pendants results in lots of little trimmings, which I've saved. I dug out the purple and green shades to make this.

Next up is a little beach scene...

I actually make this a few months ago after a trip to the North Wales coast but it's sat in a drawer as I thought a coastal scene wasn't very 'Shropshire-ish' for my local stockists (Shropshire being a large landlocked county!). Anyway, I put it on Instagram and Twitter and people loved it so I'm now working on new designs to add to the seaside range.

Finally I had some waste strips of wet felted and free motion embroidered landscape pieces which didn't make the cut in my sheep production process. I decided to use them as backgrounds for miniature flower/hedgerow scenes. Here they are, along with my latest sheepy landscapes. I don't know whether you can tell from my work, but I'm feeling Spring is on the way!

Thanks for stopping by my work desk. See you again soon I hope :-)

Happy crafting

Max x

Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Free machine Embroidery & WOYWW

Hello, dear reader and welcome to my blog!

After a bit of a hiatus in my blog writing I'm back. I can't promise I'll manage my previous weekly form but hopefully you'll be hearing my textile art musings more regularly at least.

Today is What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday so here's a shot of my workdesk.

You can see I've got my Pfaff sewing machine out. It's a pretty old model these days. I learnt how to sew with it when I was a girl and acquired from my mum when she moved on to a new machine (or perhaps I borrowed it indefinitely and she ended up buying a new one...!)

I've been free-machine embroidering poppies, bluebells and foxgloves. I've been busy over winter building up my stockist network so I'm now busy making sure I've plenty of work to keep them well stocked!

There's been a bit of batch production on the go. Or should I say flock control...

Ive also been busy with a few workshops too...

But, of course, we've still found time for some winter fun in muddy puddles...

Ben loves his little bobble hat, courtesy of the lovely Roz at Bobble & Squeak.

Well that's all for today, thanks for stopping by.

Happy crafting

Max x

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